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5. Gross Annual Income details:-
   6.1. Sources of Income: Primary Source
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8. Investment objective?
9. How long do you want to stay invested into market investment?
10. How secure is your current and future income from sources?
11. How familiar are you with your investment matters?
12. What degree of risk have you taken with your past investment decisions?
13. Assume you had an initial investment portfolio worth Rs 100,000. If, due to market conditions, your portfolio fell to Rs 80,000 within a short period, say a month, would you: (If your portfolio has experienced a drop like this, choose the answer that corresponds to your actual behaviour.)
14. What percentage of total net worth you are investing in this Investment Program?
15. Which of these statements would best describe your attitudes towards performance of this investment?
16. What is the condition of your emergency fund?
17. What percentage of monthly income is allocated to pay off debt [all EMIs]?

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