Heart Touching Real Story On Investment, Must Read!


In this article I tell you about Investment, why it’s important for you and where you suppose to invest. Perfect.. Now I do Investment with you (AdVix) Perfect.. Now I do Investment with you (AdVix)

Yes.. Now I understand the importance of Investment…

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Inspiration behind this article is my friend, who asks me, how I should save my money. He told me that, he earns good amount of money but that good amount of money not reflected in my account, just because of unusual expenses. May be most of us, faced the same problem, but don’t get panic, this topic will help you lot.

My Story-

“Earning money is best part of life, people gives you respect and money gives you lifestyle.”

When I have started my career that time I got very low pay scale, which helps me to pay my paying guest rent and 2 times food only, but after 6 month due to my hard work I got raise of 2000 rs per month  , I feel good and bad for this raise, leave it. But as my expense are same, so here, I save monthly 1000 rs,  but I realize that, I have spent 1000 rs more in my monthly expenses. After that I struggle lot, to search for handsome package job, which I have got in next 6 month, feeling good in this case. Here I got good salary, so I have decided to change my paying guest and rent a 2 bhk flat with my friends on share basis. We eat food in good restaurants, outing outside on weekends and spend money in other activities also. As the time passed, and after 1 year when I look into my bank account then as per my package, I am not happy with the savings which I have seen in my bank account. Here one most dangerous question arise in my mind, how should I save money?

Next Action Point (How to save money)

The same question ticking in my mind, what is wrong with my saving and how could I increase money balance in my bank account. I look people around me; I found that, they are focused towards money. They daily eat morning and evening breakfast, but they order economic healthy food. Sometimes they bring evening breakfast from their home. Me and my friend party harder but they do party in weekends only. They plan their outing once or twice in a month, not like us who plan outing every weekend. So, after that I realize that they spent money on few occasions and this way they cut some unusual expenses. I also decided to take forward these small steps to increase my money balance in my bank account. Yes, I got some benefit from this step.

But, this is right step to save money, the next question arise in my mind. Now, new mission to find out answer of this question.

Here I know, what is meaning of Investment?

“Making money from money is an art and the artist who helps in making investment, we called them as an ‘Investment adviser/advisor’.’”

We lived in internet age, where all information is available on your finger tips. You just search keywords and lots of results are appearing on your screen.  When I search topic ‘how should I increment my wealth’, then in most of site I got one name common, which is “Investment Adviser/Advisor”. After that I search for roles of investment advisor and luckily I got one number of advisors of my city and called him up. The investment adviser helps you to identify your investment tool as per your future goals. Like, you have to purchase a car in next few months, or you have required 3 lacs for your marriage in next 1 or 2 years. So he/she ask such question for your future need. He/she identify your different future goals, identify your risk taking capacity, also identify the time period do you invest and to club all these pointers, advisor suggest you best instruments for investment. You need to invest every month/quarterly as per your convenience. Here in most of investment instruments important role played by compounding. Means you get benefit on your invested amount plus the interest you earn on your investment. So, the selection of right mutual funds, FMP, FD’s gives you significant result on your investment. You earn good profit and earn money from money.

What are the best investment instruments?

“Risk capacity and Earning Money are correlate with each other, end result in making profit and loss”

In the market there are lots of investment instruments are available, each instrument have unique features, here instruments means Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP) etc,. Some instrument invests your money in secure way, means in government bonds which have low risk and good profit. Some instrument invests your money in the high and medium risk securities but the profit in these securities higher as compared to secure securities. As these are high risk securities so age group of investor are from young age people who can take this type high risk. So investment advisor helps you in choose best instrument and accordingly suggest you to invest in these securities. Advisor timely check your portfolio and suggest you for exit if there is loss from investment.

Keep Investing…

To earn good money from your investment, you need to get discipline with your investment plan. Regular review of your investment is key factor, so you can reshuffle or make changes in the investment strategies.

Investment is key for making money for great future and bright future of you and your family also you will get retired rich.